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Christer Systems offers a range of IT support solutions that are dedicated to the supreme stability and smooth running of your IT infrastructure. With a unique team approach, Christer Systems is able to provide a high level of service excellence for new and existing customers, from complete IT management all the way through to server monitoring, remote and on-site IT support, hardware maintenance and website design. 

We provide a full suite of services for a range of client industries, understanding that every client’s needs are different. Each client’s system is reviewed to determine the best plan to suit their individual needs. We believe in flexible IT solutions that can be tailor made to each client’s business environment and operational processes. This personalised approach sets Christer Systems ahead of the competition, ensuring the best solutions for business IT services. 

We are proud to maintain flexibility to meet any client’s need and desired IT service.


Make an investment into Web Design for your company website. Choosing the right web design company may mean the difference between an attractive website or a website that costs you money and brings you no return.


We design cost-effective network solutions that are easy to manage and have the flexibility to adapt as your company business and technical requirements grow. Whether your project is new, an upgrade or expansion, we are able to assist you.


Breakdown? System Crash? No problem!

Our computer repair specialists provide fast solutions to your IT needs, going the extra mile to ensure that not only are you back on track, but running better than before.


Our backup management solutions are geared to help you protect your valuable data in the event of a computer crash, server crash, virus, natural disaster or any other event. This ensures that you will never have to worry about losing vital data again.

some of the BRands that trust us: